Build & Install Sebib


Sebib is written in the wonderful Objective Caml language and depends on 3 libraries (as findlib packages):
The build process is handled with OMake, but, if you do not have it, you can at least build the application directly.
To generate the documentation, you will need OCamldoc and Bracetax (the brtx tool, you do not need the library).

Use OMake

Just by typing:
should check the libraries, and compile everything.
You have then these executable binaries: Move and rename one of them to somewhere in your $PATH, and you have installed the application.
To install the library, just do:
omake install_library
This will install the sebib library using findlib, depending on your OCaml setup this may require root privileges.
Other OMake targets may be useful: doc_site, doc_library, web_site, or clean.

Without OMake

If you do not have OMake you can get easily the sebib application compiled, just run this command:
ocamlfind ocamlopt -package extlib,pcre,sexplib.core -linkpkg \
          src/lib/ \
          src/lib/ src/lib/ src/lib/ \
          src/app/ -I . -I src/lib -o sebib