The Sebib Command Line Tool

Command Line Options

As the command “sebib -help” nicely says, the usage is
sebib [OPTIONS] file1.sebib file2.sebib ...
and the options are:

The -format Syntax

This is given by “sebib -help-format”. The format is a string with special tokens which are interpreted as commands:

The -select Syntax

This is given by “sebib -help-select”. Queries are S-Expressions, but the external parentheses may be omitted.


Let's say you have two bibliography files: improbadrive.sebib and smonelsepb.sebib (the file-extensions do not have necessarily to be .sebib).
You want to retrieve a list of IDs, corresponding to references, in both files, which have the tags ‘h2g2’ and ‘not_read_yet’:
sebib -select "tags h2g2 not_read_yet" -ids improbadrive.sebib smonelsepb.sebib
You want an ad-hoc citation, in text mode of the reference whose ID is ‘smith2178’ and which is in improbadrive.sebib:
sebib improbadrive.sebib -select "(ids smith2178)" \
   -format "@{authors-and}, @{year}. @{title-punct} @{how}"
You want to format all the references in smonelsepb.sebib, in HTML, sorted by year, and with a link to their URL (only if they actually have one):
sebib smonelsepb.sebib -format-xml -sort year \
  -format "<i>@{authors-etal}</i>: <b>@{title-punct}</b> @{year}\
           (@{if (has url)}<a href=\"@{url}\">URL</a>@{else}No URL@{endif})\