Module Sebib.Request

module Request: sig .. end
The domain specific language of the "-select" option.

type t = [ `has of Sebib.Biblio.field_name
| `ids of string list
| `la of t list
| `list_and of t list
| `list_or of t list
| `lo of t list
| `matches of Sebib.Biblio.field_name * string
| `not of t
| `tags of string list ]
The type of the expressions.
exception Parse_error of string
val of_string : string -> t
Parse the S-Expression reprenseting the request.
val exec : t -> Sebib.Biblio.set -> Sebib.Biblio.set
Execute a request; i.e. filter the bibliography set.
val help : string
The help message about the syntax of the (string) requests.